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You might be a runner if…

You eat a bowl of oatmeal, 2 pieces of toast, 2 boiled eggs and a container of yogurt for breakfast and you’re still starving by 10:30 AM.

Your Atkins-dieting friends hate you.

You can say “easy 5 mile run” without cracking a smile.

You buy a house based on how close it is to your favorite running trails.

The messages on your phone all start with “you’re probably out running…”

You know what BodyGlide is and exactly where to use it.

One mile is a warm-up.

You gladly pay over $100 for running shoes but flinch at the thought of spending over $40 for other shoes.

 You are always hungry.

You drive by a runner and wish you could trade places.

You know exactly how many miles are on your shoes, but have no clue how many miles before your car needs an oil change.

When you pack for a vacation you have a separate bag for running gear.

You plan your vacations around races or training runs.

You prefer to spend two hours running instead of wasting two hours watching a movie.

You know exactly how much time you need to down a bottle of water and “get rid of it” before you run.

You believe your shirt sleeve makes a great kleenex.

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1. grinnbearit - March 12, 2007

Very funny! I’m so guilty of most of those statements!! Especially the ones about always being hungry, ha….

2. ZappoMan.com - Fitness Blog : Thoughts on Fitness, Health, Diet, Marathons, Triathlons, and Ironman by Brad Hefta-Gaub » Wow, you exercise a lot! (or… How I stopped thinking of exercise as a chore.) - March 14, 2007

[...] I discovered this cool page on RunHappy a couple weeks ago. Of course it’s written to be a little funny, one of those inside jokes that if you really do “get it” then you’ll see yourself in the joke, and it will hopefully give you some joyful insight into yourself. My personal favorite is “You can say “easy 5 mile run” without cracking a smile”. This concept feeds into the idea I’ve been noodling about. I mean, of course, today I say “easy 5 mile run”… or I even say “short 10 mile run”… WHAT!? I can’t believe I just wrote that, or thought that… at least the guy I was 3 years ago couldn’t think of saying that. But when did this happen? Why did this happen? When did the idea of exercise become so natural to me? [...]

3. We’re happy people « Ironman + Medical Student = IronMed - March 14, 2007

[...] big world of us. So, when I read Zappoman’s post and saw he posted a link to a blog called RunHappy, I had to see it. I laughed out loud at the first line. I need to read more George Sheehan because [...]

4. lsabin - March 19, 2007

Good Post. I can relate.

5. Scott - March 23, 2007

… Your favorite outfits are all polyester or spandex, head to toe. Cotton scares you.
… (males only, I hear) You don’t think it’s strange to put tape over your nipples.

6. RunningKate - May 3, 2007

Love this post… thanks for sharing it!

7. funny stuff « Runner’s High - May 3, 2007

[...] I came across another happy blogger from one of my links on the side and they had this posted which I thought was [...]

8. OK, So What’s Next? » Sleeples in Whitley Bay - June 9, 2007

[...] I also read on someone’s blog that one of the sure signs that you’re training for Ironman is that you go to bed every night at 9pm. This was a humourous list of stuff, a little like the one on Run Happy, about you might be a runner if . . . Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark the Ironman one, so if it’s on your blog, please post a link in a comment here. Anyway, the point of all this is that I didn’t get up for my long ride today [...]

9. What’s Next? » Blog Archive » Hartlepool Marina Triathlon - Run & Afterwards - August 27, 2007

[...] So only the run left to do. And only 5k. Like it says on Run Happy, you know you’re a runner when you describe 5 miles as a short run, and that’s hardly any further than 5k. [...]

10. jennie409 - February 20, 2008

Oh, my gosh. i am a new runner and I wondered WHY HAVE I BEEN SO STARVING LATELY. Thanks for the reassuance that something is not wrong with me!

11. Von SmallHaussen - April 16, 2008

heh heh - I know a few people that are just like that!!!!!

12. jscmorrow - April 17, 2008

I found this both funny and spot-on in describing the attributes of runners. Great post!

13. ctytri - April 19, 2008

Made me smile. I am just getting back into running after a long hiatus.

14. krissyj8 - April 23, 2008

Very funny. I identified with a few of these things for sure!

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